These are the two poems I wrote years back in 2013.

Being Lonely

As I determined to stay lonely at home

Except adventure all thoughts of my mind had gone

Soon the day turned dark

And my heart began to throb with fear

By missing my loved ones

I mourn I grief and pain

My life was a bore in the empty house

I even thought of running away

“never fear, never lose” was the quote of my mom

I remembered

Until the night passed I slept fearlessly.

Nature Travel

It is boundless to infinity

It’s lush and green

With crops like

Banana millets and rice

My heart got wings

The time I saw it

Small and large

Flowing through a path full of brooks

Its flow provides me inspiration

That’s hard to explain

Listening natural music

Full of mixtures

My heart throbbed like never before

So peaceful and calm

Can life be?

We people don’t realize it.