Research Overview

My research primarily focuses on trust in human-robot teams with applications in manufacturing, emergecy response, and disaster robotics. Overarching goal of my research is to understand how the intergration of robots with humans impacts their performance, safety, and trust. I use a combination of neurophysiological (EEG, fNIRS, ECG, eye-tracking), behavioral, and subjective measures to understand the underlying mechanisms of trust in human-robot teams. Recently, I have been working on understanding how intergration of robots in a human-human team impacts team dyanmics.

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Human-Robot Robot teaming with multiple humans in the team


Robot adaptation under operator cognitive fatigue using reinforcement learning

Neuroergonomics approaches to study effect of robot performance on trust and fatigue

Disaster robotics: evaluating human-robot teaming in UAV/sUAS operations


Other: robotics, machine learning, exoskeletons, thermoelectric materials and more