Hi! I am Aakash Yadav (legal: “Aakash”), a first year Ph.D. student in the Neuroergonomics Lab at Texas A&M University. I recieved my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati in 2020. I work towards understanding and improving human robot teaming to improve the combined system performance and safety. The foreseeable future shall give rise to multiple human-robot interactions. Having an understanding of the neuroergonomics of the interaction will help better design the robot and the system as a whole. Integration of robots in a manner that doesn’t hamper the team’s efficiency is critical.

I maintain a list of my publications and projects under the research tab. To get an insight into my professional life so far, you can have a look at my CV. The best way to reach me is via email or Twitter.

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Jun 2022:I have been selected to receive the Abbott Emerging Scientist Award at 2022 Neuroergonomics conference
Jun 2022:Abstract titled "Neural Signatures of Trust in Human-Robot Collaboration: A Tale of Two Use-Cases" accepted for presentation at 2022 Neuroergonomics conference, in New York City.
May 2022:Paper titled "Interplay of Cognitive Fatigue and Trust in Human-Robot Collaboration" accepted at HFES 66th AM, see you all in Atlanta in October.
Mar 2022:I'll be presenting at the 4th Annual Workshop on Novel and Emerging Test Methods & Metrics for Effective HRI at IEEE HRI 2022.
Aug 2021:Joined Neuroergonomics Lab at TAMU as a Ph.D. candidate.
Jul 2021:I will be starting my Ph.D. this fall with Dr. Mehta at TAMU focusing on Human-Robot-Interaction, Human factors, and ergonomics.
Jan 2021:Started working (remotely) on a research project at Computational Interaction and Robotics Lab (CIRL)
Nov 2020:I have been awarded the prestigious INAE Innovative Student Project Award
Aug 2020:Started working (remotely) on a research project with Prof. Shuhui Bu focused on vision-based geometric and deep SLAM
Apr 2020:Paper on image-based flight control of UAVs for material handling accepted in JMS
Oct 2019:My first ever paper on thermoelectric materials got published in the Journal of Physics Communications
Jun 2019:Joined Texas A&M University as a summer research intern
May 2018:Started summer internship at Ford Motor Company in Ahmedabad
Mar 2018:Started working as an undergraduate researcher at Pranawa C Deshmukh's Lab
Aug 2016:Joined IIT Tirupati as an undergraduate student in the mechanical engineering department