Hi! I am Aakash Yadav (legal: Aakash), a second-year Ph.D. student in the Neuroergonomics Lab at Texas A&M University. My research interests span robotics, human-robot interaction, human factors, cognition, neuroergonomics, and affective computing. I work towards understanding human-robot teaming to improve teaming, system performance, and safety.

I received my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Tirupati. Previously, I have worked on optimizing thermoelectric efficiency, neural architecture search for robotics, and monocular SLAM.

I maintain a list of my publications and projects under the research tab. The best way to reach me is via email or Twitter. If you like my work, please consider supporting.


Oct 2022:HFES Human AI Robot Teaming (HART) TG 2022 Video Contest Winner
Jul 2022:I have been selected to receive the Abbott Emerging Scientist Award at 2022 Neuroergonomics conference
Jun 2022:Abstract titled "Neural Signatures of Trust in Human-Robot Collaboration: A Tale of Two Use-Cases" accepted for presentation at 2022 Neuroergonomics conference, in New York City.
May 2022:Paper titled "Interplay of Cognitive Fatigue and Trust in Human-Robot Collaboration" accepted at HFES 66th AM, see you all in Atlanta in October.
Mar 2022:I'll be presenting at the 4th Annual Workshop on Novel and Emerging Test Methods & Metrics for Effective HRI at IEEE HRI 2022.
Aug 2021:Joined Neuroergonomics Lab at TAMU as a Ph.D. candidate.
Jul 2021:I will be starting my Ph.D. this fall with Dr. Mehta at TAMU focusing on Human-Robot-Interaction, Human factors, and ergonomics.
Jan 2021:Started working (remotely) on a research project at Computational Interaction and Robotics Lab (CIRL)
Nov 2020:I have been awarded the prestigious INAE Innovative Student Project Award
Aug 2020:Started working (remotely) on a research project with Prof. Shuhui Bu focused on vision-based geometric and deep SLAM
Apr 2020:Paper on image-based flight control of UAVs for material handling accepted in JMS
Oct 2019:My first ever paper on thermoelectric materials got published in the Journal of Physics Communications
Jun 2019:Joined Texas A&M University as a summer research intern
May 2018:Started summer internship at Ford Motor Company in Ahmedabad
Mar 2018:Started working as an undergraduate researcher at Pranawa C Deshmukh's Lab
Aug 2016:Joined IIT Tirupati as an undergraduate student in the mechanical engineering department