Today, after about 1.5 years of assiduous yet sporadic work my first research paper got published (as an undergraduate student) in the renowned international journal - Journal of Physics Communications. The research was centred on thermoelectric materials, in case you are interested in the same feel free to peruse it here- An analytic study of the Wiedemann–Franz law and the thermoelectric figure of merit. This research was a part of international collaboration and I want to thank all the Professors both abroad and at my institute for their constant guidance and support.

My main motive for writing this post is to motivate undergraduate students, especially in the freshman and sophomore year to get involved in cutting edge research. I know some will say this is too early and the students might not have the required skills, knowledge and the know-how, let me tell you that this is an utter excuse, you need to get started first and all the required knowledge will fall in place as you progress.

Pro Tip: Look inside, find your interests however obscure they might seem and find the right person (or the right Professor) in that field and follow along with them.

This complete journey has been a very exciting and thrilling one, it not only helped me learn how research is carried out but also helped me carve out my future endeavours. It all started in my fourth semester when I felt I had some spare time which can be exploited, this combined with my love for Physics led me to meet my Physics professor at the institute - Dr. PC Deshmukh to discuss any possible research opportunities that he might have for me. Luckily, he had one and the rest is history.