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This work titled as “Design and Fabrication of Experiment for Dynamic Analysis of Mechanisms” has been undertaken jointly by Aakash Yadav and Akhil Akunuru under the guidance of Prof. Sriram Sundar. For details please visit the GitHub page.

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Motivation and objective

The study of the “Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery” (IITT course code: ME2206) lies at the very core of a mechanical engineering background. Although, little has changed in the way the subject is presented, our methodology brings the subject alive and current. We present the design and fabrication of a novel experimental setup for carrying out static, kinematic and dynamic analysis of three different mechanisms in a single setup. The mechanism is designed to be configurable to three different types of mechanisms namely - double crank, slider crank and a six bar mechanism depending on the use case. The mechanism has retrofitted parts (different link lengths and sliders) to facilitate multiple experiments in the same setup.

The learner gets to “play” with the mechanism parameters and immediately understand their effects. This will enhance one’s grasp of the concepts and the development of analytical skills. Hence greatly supplementing and reinforcing the theoretical understanding of the undergraduate students taking the course.